My Sister's Wedding Cake Topper
Skills: Modeling, Texturing, Color 3D Printing Prep
I've always been excited about 3D printing, and now with how far has come it makes it incredibly easy to whip up anything you want. Having seen a previous project I worked on, my sister came to me during her wedding planning and asked if I'd be interested in crafting a cake topper. Her ideal cake topper would include personalized wardrobe and their two dogs, which offered the perfect opportunity to try printing in color. Made up of scratch-built models and also some stock 3D geometry, I meticulously customized each figure to portray them as closely as possible. The dogs were the most difficult, but including subtle quirks like floppy ears and recognizable posture went a long way to make them feel correct. After a small test print to get an idea of the level of quality & color reproduction, I sent each figure to Shapeways individually and then assembled everything together upon arrival. It was a huge hit at the wedding reception, and the success has opened my eyes to even more fun uses for 3D printing. My next project: action figures!