Cartoon Network
Skills: Animation
As the 3D animator, I was responsible for controlling all the spinning cubes seen inside the storefront. The goal was to create high-energy motion and transitions while retaining patterns that please the composition of the environment.

This was created by a team of three 3D artists and two Fusion compositors in just two weeks. It is built as an introduction to a behind the scenes look at Cartoon Network, displayed in theaters before the movie previews begin. This abstract "storefront" comes alive with tiles that transform the sidewalk into a fantastic explosion of checkers as part of the Cartoon Network "Check-It" campaign.

Director/TD/Creative Lead: Chad Ashley || Editor - Mike Alfini || 3D - Todd Kumpf, Chris Green, Tim Lobes, and Joe Gunn || Lead Compositor - Jeremy Stuart || Additional Comping & Roto - Peter Kallstrom, Nate Costa || Store Front Concept Art - Jeremy Rumas || Producer - Colin Davis