Dr. Pepper
Skills: Particle FX
My role on this project was to create the condensation and ice FX.

The task for this one was simple and straight forward. Create realistic cans bumping together. The fun part is that the cans should look like they were just grabbed from a cooler, dripping in sweat and ice. It was my job to create the sweat and ice. I spawned the water droplets as particles in PFlow, and used Orbaz toolbox #2 & #3 to dynamically animate them. In the end we found the best solution to be the simplest, but the node and math based Data Operators of Box #2 helped us get there effectively.

After the particles were generated, we used Thinkbox Frost to blobulate them into droplets. The cans were lit using Chad Ashley's Studio Light Rig plugin for 3D Studio Max, and the final composition was done in Fusion.

Previz Animation: Justin Reed || Lighting & Texturing: Chad Ashley || Can Water & Ice FX: Todd Kumpf || Background Modeling/FX: Justin Reed || Fusion Compositing: Jason Esser