Dungeons & Dragons
Skills: Texturing, Lighting, Particle FX, Animation, Compositing
I had the fantastic opportunity to concept and create a new 5 second logo animation for the Dungeons & Dragons. They wanted something modern and timeless as a departure from their previously very "medieval" style. Working under creative director Chad Ashley, I first created a 9 frame storyboard to sell through our idea to the client. Once approved, I animated, textured, lit, and composited the 5 second end-tag.

The particle FX are a combination of pFlow in 3D Studio Max and Particular in After Effects. Texturing and rendering was done in VRay, and final compositing was done in Fusion.

The model of the dragon ampersand was sculpted by Justin Reed.

The image above is the storyboard we initially created to showcase our animation idea. In the final animation, we landed on a more minimal version which draws your eye directly to the dragon ampersand without the need for too much background clutter. You can see frames from that animation below.