Faberge Eggs
Skills: Modeling, Texturing, Compositing, Animation
For this sculptural terrarium, I modeled & textured the dirt/rock mixture and a lot of the foliage elements, and did all the animation. I also rendered & composited the images that have gold & black backgrounds during our look development process. The ones with a blue background, as well as the video assets, were rendered & composited by Justin Reed.

The images with gold & black backgrounds were work-in-progress renders composited by myself in Fusion. These were the first complete renders we had done so far. It had been about four weeks of development and work by the time we reached this point, so seeing these test images come together was the most exciting and memorable stage of the project, in my opinion. It's the kind of thing that makes all the long hours feel totally worthwhile.

Concept: Jason Esser || Producer: Brian Behling || CG Lead: Chad Ashley || 2D Design: Elliot Lim || Modeling: Todd Kumpf, Justin Reed || Texturing: Todd Kumpf, Justin Reed || Animation: Todd Kumpf || Lighting: Justin Reed || Comping: Todd Kumpf, Justin Reed