Cosmopolitan Beetle
Skills: Animation, Modeling, Texturing
On this project I got to see what it's like to be a watch maker who is also an entomologist. I rigged and animated a beetle, and for it's inside guts I designed, modeled, and animated a convincing system of functional sprockets. I also animated the camera and all the foliage.

Created at Digital Kitchen, all work was done in 3D Studio Max. The beetle was rigged and animated using CAT, and the gears were animated using the Craft gear rigging tools. The final product is currently being displayed on the casino grounds at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas as well as on their exterior marquee signage. It was part of a larger brand campaign in which we created many obscure but collective animations that resolve into their trademark "C" logo. The beetle modeling is by Justin Reed, and lighting/compositing is by Chad Ashley.

Storyboards: Nate Costa || CD & Lighting: Chad Ashley || Gear Modeling: Todd Kumpf || Rigging & Animation: Todd Kumpf || Beetle Insect Modeling: Justin Reed

To show off the gears I designed and modeled, I rendered the macro shots below: