Ehrmann Mixim
Skills: Animation, Modeling
My role on this project was 3D animation including: previz/layout blocking, all falling/colliding/impacting cherries & chocolates, stem collision animation, camera animation, and end tag animation (except yogurt swirl). I also modeled the chocolate curls and developed a procedural system to randomize the curl shape.

Our Behind the Scenes video, seen here, takes you through the creation of the spot and the delicious resulting television spot.

Creative Director: Chad Ashley || Producer: Julie Benevides || Storyboards: Jeremy Rumas || Look Development: Chad Ashley || Previz & Layout: Todd Kumpf || Animation: Todd Kumpf || Yogurt Sculpt: Justin Reed || Yogurt Impact Simulation: Tim Little || Cherry Model & Texture: Justin Reed || Chocolate Model & Texture: Todd Kumpf || Shading: Chad Ashley || Lighting: Justin Reed

I had the opportunity to exercise some Mudbox sculpting skills and was tasked with modeling a series of chocolate curls with detail that would hold up to scrutiny of macro shots. The cherry seen here was my own creation from during the R&D phase, but it is not the final one seen in the spot (created by Justin Reed)